Seletar Regional Centre And Aerospace

The Seletar Regional Centre is one of the bold plans from the Singapore Government. Potentially, Seletar Regional Centre is developing into twice the size of Tampines Regional Centre.  Seletar Regional Centre is situated beside the Seletar Aerospace Park, occupying around 320 hectares of space.  It provides a wide range of operations activities like an overhaul and repair of aircraft and components and maintenance, assembly and manufacturing assembly of aircraft components and engines, general aviation business and lastly, Research and Development and Training.

This Seletar Aerospace Park provides World-class aerospace facility needs to meet local and the region’s burgeoning aerospace needs.  With these vast activities scope, many employment work opportunity will be created and provided for people in the North and Northeast.

The Seletar Aerospace Park and Seletar Regional Centre offer The Tre Ver maximum advantage on the location comparing to many other developments in the market.  Residents staying in the Northeast and North will greatly tap on these upcoming amenities, blending in with work, leisure and home.

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