Serangoon Sub Regional Centre

The Serangoon Sub Regional Centre is to provide for new commercial developments. Getting started, the (CRL) Cross-Island Line Phase 1 will be running across Serangoon North in the year 2020 and complete in the year 2029. The CRL Phase 1 has a total of 12 MRT Stations, starting from Bright Hill in Bishan to Changi’s Aviation Park, covering 29km reducing the standard travelling time by 50-70 minutes.

Two neighbourhood parks are preserved and improved extending from Serangoon North Linear Park and Teacher’s Estate Park.  A large increase of new jobs creation into this Serangoon Sub Regional centre.

Its presence is to create an alternative location for office space outside the city for business.

The Tre Ver is at close proximity to this upcoming Serangoon Sub Regional Centre to benefit from this growing segment.

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